Marmalade Boy Collection 2 DVD

Miki is with Yuu, Ginta got with Arimi, but that doesn't mean love is any less confusing! Yuu's spending time with his first love Anju, and though he says they're just old friends, how can Miki not be concerned? Particularly when Anju goes and confesses she still has feelings for Yuu! To make matters worse, Miki's co-worker Kei is lurking in the wings, waiting to scoop the jealous Miki up. Meanwhile, Ginta may have confessed to Arimi, and she might've returned his feelings, but that doesn't mean Ginta's cousin Tsutomu is out of the competition yet! Won't there ever be a happily ever after?

The love triangles turn and the passion burns in this second collection of the classic shoujo anime Marmalade Boy!

Marmalade Boy Collection 2 contains episodes 39-76 plus the movie.


$59.95 MSRP

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