new anime licensed (updated)

We will be releasing these anime titles in 2010:

Fist of the North Star TV Series 1-152
Lupin the Third Episode 0 First Contact
Sea Prince and the Fire Child

The Fist TV series will be released in 4 boxsets.

We licensed the Miyavi live action movie Oresama for release in 2010.

Also we are still releasing the Crying Freeman anime series, Prisoner Scorpion Jailhouse 41, Burning Paradise, and Taxi Hunter. these will all be out in 2010 also

Storm Riders is now out, and I feel that its the best version of the film ever released. It has 2 discs and includes the original uncut version and the English dubbed international cut. We remastered the video and subtitles.

Uzumaki and Sex and Zen are also coming out on October 13th. Tokyo 10+1 will be out on November 24th.

45 Responses to “new anime licensed (updated)”

  1. Patz Says:

    WOO Amazing News. FotNS and Lupin 1st Contact. You Guys Rule!

  2. D.Z. Says:

    Good luck with Fist. If it works out, could you please consider Blue Sky?

  3. mizducky Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for deciding to release Episode 0: First Contact. I have been dying for some outfit to release the remaining Lupin III content languishing in unlicensed limbo. Here’s hoping you can bring some more of it to us crazed diehard Lupin fans.

  4. L.LII Says:

    Awesome that Lupin 1st Contact will be out. Waiting in gleeful anticipation.

  5. Kenshin_the_Lupin_fan Says:

    This is great news, LUPIN is back! One of my favorites too, hopefully they bring more down the line, like Alcatraz Connection and Angel Tactics.

  6. tantei okuoku Says:

    More lupin nice I will defiantly be buying that

  7. Robotech_Master Says:

    Congrats on getting First Contact.

    How about following it up by licensing the 1972-73 Lupin III TV series—23 episodes, 17 of which were directed by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata?

    “You’ve seen First Contact. Now see what happened next!”

  8. Daniel Says:

    You guys are awesome!!! I can’t wait to finally own Fist of the North Star!

  9. NJ_ Says:

    “bows down to Discotek”

    I WA SHOCK! I’ll be buying the FOTNS sets. :)

  10. FM Says:

    AH!! Finally more Lupin! =D

  11. The Theory Says:

    Awesomenss! Now lets get more of the Lupin tv series! Geneon’s run was noble… but falls over a hundred episodes short. heh.

  12. Danny Says:

    I wish Lupin the Third, Part 2 (TV series) would be entirely redubbed and redistributed.

  13. RT Says:

    You guys seem to like Lupin and are willing to take risks on longer classics like FotNS, so how about some green jacket Lupin circa 1971? You can play up the Miyazaki factor and probably push quite a few. Manga Entertainment has done pretty damn well over the years with Castle of Cagliostro simply because Miyazaki directed it.

  14. Jonny2x4 Says:

    I’m guessing the DVD release of the movie must have done really well. Is this related to the new FotNS dubs that were announced by another company?

  15. Ninjatron Says:


    Thanks for bringing us Fist of the North Star! This is such awesome news!


  16. Tratiious Says:

    F.O.T.N.S AWESOME! I will be buying these whenever they (boxsets) are released
    Lupin the 3rd too SWEET! another purchase

  17. Mechatastrophe Says:

    Amazing! I already bought the FotNS movie from you folks, (as well as a few of the live-action movies in your catalog) and now, *finally* a full legit set of North Star TV. Thank you guys so much. I’ll get all 4 sets, and have my eye on a few other things already released. Just got to get my money together.

  18. Mike Collins Says:

    WOW … I thought I was the only one who remembered (very fondly) “Sea Prince and the Fire Child”, a little-known 1981 masterpiece from Masami Hata, of “Little Nemo” and “Initial D” fame. This one really brings back memories, especially of the wonderful, melancholy score by Koichi Sugiyama. I remember seeing “Godzilla Vs. Biollante” years later and being reminded of Sugiyama’s great themes (melancolic in that film as well). I only hope that this will be released with the original Japanese audio and subtitles, as I’ve never seen it that way before. Kudos.

  19. JT Says:

    More Lupin is never a bad thing, and I have always wanted to see the entire Fist of the North Star series.

  20. sailor53 Says:

    Awesome news. I will definitely be buying FOTNS, Lupin, & Sea Prince and the Fire Child. I can’t wait. I hope that maybe sometime down the road you could get Galaxy Express 999 too.

  21. Highs and Lames: Fall Season is Eating My Brain Edition Says:

    […] Discotek Licenses Fist of the North Star and Lupin: Vintage anime distributor Discotek announced that they will be releasing the 152 episode Fist of the North Star TV series in 2010 along with the first Lupin movie, First Contact. The Fist of the North Star series will be released in 4 box sets. […]

  22. D.Z. Says:

    If you’re interested in bringing out other older anime movies/OVAs, please consider the following requests: Robot Carnival, Phoenix 2772, Angel’s Egg, Macross DYRL, Cobra, Baoh, Dallos, Devil Man, and Guyver? Newer requests for me would be Mind Game, Nasu, and Piano No Mori.

  23. The Time Traveller Says:

    I need to know, you’re doing the ENTIRE Fist of the North Star series right? Not just the same episodes that Manga Entertainment released on VHS and DVD in the UK all those years ago, if it’s the entire TV series then I’ll be one happy SOB…

    Also, if it is of the entire series, will it be similar to the Fist of the North Star boxset that Japan got?

    That had 4 smaller boxes inside with all the epsiodes and what not, that would be cool…

  24. Serdar Says:

    Sea Prince and Fire Child! This is fantastic news – I’ve been trying to get more people to find out about this gem; I can’t thank you enough for picking it up.

  25. Daniel Zelter Says:

    Oh, and if you’re looking for more Toei shows, how about Ultimate Muscle and Bobobo-bobo-bobo?

  26. nomakeup Says:

    YES! More Lupin! Can’t wait.

  27. Chris Says:

    HOLY F-ING COW! Lupin Epi O? First day buy for sure!

    Please DT release more Lupin!!! Got Fuma, great job on that!, so we Lupin nutters can’t wait for more.

  28. Eyelasher Says:

    What is the word on Kani Goalkeeper?

  29. Eli Says:

    Great news about Fist of the North Star.

    I watched the entire series twice, years ago, on television in Japan but had a hard time understanding the obscure Japanese in it.

    English subtitles for it all will be great!

  30. Sagittarius Says:

    Awesome work on putting out more Lupin!

  31. Area88 Says:

    Will you try to include the Manga FOTNS dub on episodes 1-36?

    Also please continue to release more 80’s anime. A sunrise show like Dirty Pair or Spt Layzner would be amazing feat.

    Anyway congratulations on geting one of Toei’s hottest properties, here hoping you can do what others have failed and establish a strong business partnership with them.

    Maybe release the rest of Saint Seiya?

  32. DigDoug Says:

    Every episode of Fist of the North Star? In 4 box sets?

    You guys are my new heroes.

  33. Michael Smith Says:

    Cool that you got Episode Zero: First Contact, but what about Legend of the Gold of Babylon?

  34. marti Says:

    Sea Prince and the Fire Child…that’s awesome news! You guys rock for keeping these old anime movies alive. That would be cool to have Angel’s egg, Cat Soup, and Phoenix 2772 around again.

  35. Lee Says:

    Fist of The North Star! I can’t wait! Thanks Discotek!

  36. E-Master Says:

    If you’re able to obtain rights to all three Lupin the Third TV series. Then I’ll be a happy camper.

  37. AW Says:

    Good license guys. If Lupin III first contact had been Adult Swim’s intro to Lupin III, the series may have been a bigger hit in the US.

  38. Melanie Says:

    Lupin the 3rd: First Contact? I_can’t_wait. Things are finally looking up for Lupin in the U.S.! Thank you for licensing it!

  39. Ken Arromdee Says:

    If Fist of the North Star sells well, would you consider rereleasing the movie with fixed subtitles?

  40. James Says:

    we need more lupin please give us more lupin!

  41. Teto7Totoro Says:

    Sea Prince And The Fire Child (1981) (aka The Legend Of Sirius) Is a wonderful film that is a great example of quality animation right up there with old Disney classics from the 1930’s and 1940’s as well as the type of quality we’ve come to expect from Studio Ghibli!!
    For a good review of the film, go here:

  42. Kenshiro Says:

    Bless you all. It’s about time someone did justice to Hokuto No Ken and released the full series in the US. Manga Entertainment dropped the ball on this series, and there are a LOT of fans who have been waiting for news like this.

  43. William Tulloch Says:

    HOLY SH*T!
    Fist Of the North Star
    every episode released in english
    now i don’t have to read while i watch heads explode

  44. Eyelasher Says:

    What’s up with Kani Goalkeeper?

  45. FM Says:

    I watched Lupin Episode 0 recently and it was amazing! I really hope that you consider more Lupin releases in the future ’cause it’s such a great series!