Blue Submarine No. 6: Complete Collection - 2 Disc Set

Complete Collection Includes all 4 Uncut OVA episodes

In the future, the rising temperature of the Earth has melted the polar ice caps. As a result, the planet's last remaining land masses are in danger of sinking into the ocean. As if humanity didn't have enough problems, an army of ocean-dwelling creatures led by the scientist Zorndyke have seemingly declared war on mankind! Humanity's last hopes rest with the state-of-the-art vessel, Blue Sub 6 and her crew! Can Tetsu and Mayumi stop Zorndyke's mutant army and save what remains of humanity?

Episode 1: Blues
Episode 2: Pilots
Episode 3: Hearts
Episode 4: Minasoko

TV Spots
Creator’s Eyes Interview
Blue Submarine No.6 Digital Plus

Cover Illustration by: Range Murata

Based on the manga by: Satoru Ozawa
Director: Mahiro Maeda
Screenplay: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Original character designs: Takuhito Kusanagi, Range Murata
Mechanical Design: Shoji Kawamori, Mahiro Maeda, Ikuto Yamashita
English language version produced by: Bandai Entertainment Inc.
in association with Zero Limit Productions

Japanese Language
English Language
English Subtitles

ES060 - Color - NTSC - Dolby Digital Mono - 4 Episodes - 130 Min
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 - 4:3 Full Frame (OAR) - Region 1 - 1998

Release date: September 24, 2013


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