Burst City

Set in a barren, futuristic Tokyo of highways and wastelands, a rowdy group of punk bands and their fans gather to protest the construction of a nuclear power plant. Riot police and the factory owner’s yakuza friends soon move in to break it up. However, the arrival of a pair of mysterious, metal-clad bikers and a revolt among the disgruntled construction crew makes for a situation that spirals dangerously out of control...

Directed by Sogo Ishii (Electric Dragon 80,000V, Gojoe, Angel Dust), Burst City boasts an impressive lineup of early 80's Japanese punk bands, including The Stalin, Battle Rockers, The Roosters, and Inu. An eclectic mix of Mad Max-style imagery with yakuza elements, filtered though a punk sensibility, Burst City reveals the seeds of many of the developments in contemporary Japanese cinema and beyond. Brimming with incredible energy and first-rate rock ‘n’ roll, Burst City is a lost masterpiece of extreme cinema that has influenced everyone from Takashi Miike to Shinya Tsukamoto.

Starring: Michirou Endo, Shigeru Izumiya, Takanori Jinnai, Kou Machida, Shigeru Muroi
Directed by: Sogo Ishii

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Available Subtitles: English
Available Audio Tracks: Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
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Color - NTSC - Stereo - 116 Min - 16X9 Anamorphic Widescreen - 1.85:1 - Region 1 - 1982 - DVD-9 - Unrated

Release date: June 27 2006

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