Demon City Shinjuku


The near future. The glittering skyline of Tokyo now lies broken and crumbling under the weight of an oppressive evil: The tyrannical Rebi Rah.

Rah has transformed Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, into a city of demons... and that's just the beginning. There are only three days left until Rah destroys the world…

For years, no one has dared to cross the foul moat which Rah and his evil minions built around the Demon City… until now. Desperate to rescue her father, who was taken captive by Rah and his monstrous minions, the beautiful Sayaka Rama enlists the help of Kyoya, a streetwise Tokyo teenager. The two must bravely venture into the Demon City, where even the army fears to tread.

Even if Sayaka and Kyoya manage to defeat Rah's army of monsters, will they be able to destroy the dark sorcerer? Or will they face the same fate as all those who came before them?

Character Design & Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Director Of Animation: Naoyuki Onda
Producers: Kenji Kurata, Makoto Seya
Production: Yoshio Masumizu
Art Director: Yuji Ikeda
Planner: Kosuke Kuri
Original Story: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Setting: Masao Maruyama
Script: Kaori Okamura

ES028 - Color - NTSC - 2.0 - 82 Min - Aspect Ratio 1:33:1 - 4:3 Full Frame (OAR) - Region 1 - 1988

Release date: October 18, 2011


$24.95 MSRP

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