Mad Bull 34: The Complete Collection

America - land of freedom. But on its dark streets prowl those who abuse its freedoms, and nowhere is as crime-ridden as New York City. It is the job of the New York Police Department to protect society from the evil on its streets, and this is the tale of New York's finest cops, serving in its toughest district - the 34th Precinct. Into this melting pot of crime and corruption comes a raw young recruit named Daizaburo. His new partner is one of the most notorious cops on the force - known to co-workers as Mad Bull, due to his ultra-violent form of peace keeping! Shocking, action-packed and explosive, Mad Bull 34 is finally available on DVD in this complete collection!


1. Hit and Rape
2. Manhattan Connection
3. Charging Jackie
4. Good-by Sleepy

Directed by: Satoshi Dezaki
Music by:
Katsunori Shimizu
Screenplay by:
Toshiaki Imazumi
Akio Ohtsuka, Gara Takashima, Yasunori Matsumoto
Art Director:
Nobutaka Ike
Akihiro Fukui, Kiyotaka Nakahara, Tetsuya Tooda
Character Design:
Keizo Shimizu
Director Of Photography:
Hideo Okazaki
Edited by:
Akio Satsugawa
Original Manga by: Kazuo Koike, Noriyoshi Inoue
English Language Version Created by:
Manga Entertainment

Japanese Language
English Language
English Subtitles

ES044 - Color - NTSC - 2.0 - 180 Min - Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 - 4:3 Full Frame (OAR) - Region 1 - 1990

Release date: February 26, 2013


$24.95 MSRP

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