The year is 2003. Miyavi (played by himself) is a young, insanely popular rockstar in Japan. His tour is almost over, his only remaining concert is in Shibuya. His days are spent warding off screaming gaggles of female fans. Until one day, he suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar atmosphere. An outdated dress on a woman. Old commercials. A thousand yen bill no one will accept. With nowhere to go, Miyavi encounters a young rocker, Shinni (Hassei Takano) and a soccer-boy (Matsushima Ryouta). What lessons can Miyavi learn from these guys?

JPOP artist Miyavi, and popular and talented actor Hassei Takano (featured in "Ultraman Gaia", "Kamen Rider", and numerous films and television shows) co-star in this exciting production that encompasses both the acting and music worlds. Not only did the story move fans emotionally, but the lengthy concert scene wowed audiences.

Starring: Miyavi, Hassei Takano, Matsushima Ryouta, Hamasama Akane, Kubata Shouta, Ogushi Erika
Directed by: Marumo

Special Features:
Making of Special

ES013 - Color - NTSC - 2.0 - 66 Min - Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 - 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen - Region 1 - 2003

Release date: Apr. 27, 2010


$24.95 MSRP

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