Retro Game Master: GameCenter CX Collection (4-Disc Set)

Retro Game Master is a reality television show unlike any other that taps into the mega world of classic gaming. The show, known in Japan as Game Center CX, features comedian Shinya Arino playing some of Japan's most popular and most difficult classic games. In each episode, Arino plays a retro video game that audiences remember playing, but few could master. The goal is to finish the game in one sitting. It doesn't always go as planned, as Arino usually struggles to complete the game before the night is over. He is supported by his Assistant Directors (ADs) and staff, both through moral support and actual gameplay. Hilarious at times and gut wrenching at others, this highly addictive series has been running for 16 seasons in Japan. This set includes 14 of the very best episodes from the series.

Episodes included:

Ninja Gaiden
Super Fantasy Zone
Bonanza Brothers
Solomon's Key
Clock Tower
Mighty Bomb Jack
The Mystery of Atlantis
Battle Golfer Yui
53 Stations of the Tokaido
The Wing of Madoola
Golden Axe
Shiren the Wanderer
Ninja Gaiden 2

Starring: Shinya Arino
Produced and Narrated by: Tsuyoshi Kan
Assistant Producers: Lisa Nagatake & Nobuki Matsui
Video Engineer: Yuichiro Suda
Cameraman: Koichi Abe
Produced by: Fuji Tv, Gascoin Company & Stylejam
North American Producers: Guy Stodel & Peter Block
Co-Producer: Eric Spiegelman
English Language Announcer: Adam Ray
Inside Artwork and Subtitle Editing: Nina Matsumoto
Consultant: Gabe Fowlkes

Retro Game Master Version Includes: English Narration on Episodes 1-12
GameCenter Cx Version Includes: Japanese Narration, Japanese Language on Episodes 1-14

Color - NTSC - 2.0 - 800 Min - Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 - 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen, 4:3 letterboxed
Region 1 - 2004

Release date: September 18, 2012

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