Star Fleet: The Complete Series

Star Fleet the Complete TV Series includes all 24 English dubbed episodes.

In 2999, just as the people of Earth begin to enjoy the peace following the end of the Space War III, the Imperial alliance under the Imperial Master launch a new assault. Facing the evil alliance, Earth's defending forces are ill prepared for another war and pin their hopes on Dr Benn Robinson and his new X-Bomber program. What is the F-01 which the Imperial Alliance so eagerly pursues? What fate awaits the young crew of X-Bomber?

This is an ambitious example of Supermariorama combining puppets and special effects from Japan. This complete collection contains all 24 English dubbed episodes!

English Language

Color - NTSC - Dolby Digital - 575 Min - Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 - 4:3 Full Frame (OAR) - Region 1 - 1980

Release date: February 28, 2017


$49.95 MSRP

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